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SubjectRe: 2.4.14 Oops during boot (KT133A Problem?)
Well, the problem got solved (although not in a way I'd consider
satisfactory). After my machine started random segfaulting the day
before yesterday, I memcheck86'ed it again (the last check is a mere two
months ago), and lo - all three RAM chips were broken. Unfortunately, I
discovered this, after this broken RAM caused my /usr partition to go
fubar, resulting in me spending yesterday with a nice little reinstall.
After the reinstall, 2.4.14 booted fine off the harddisk. No more
As to the cause of the problem: I think I can rule out the possibility
of getting a bad kernel compiled due to the bad ram, as I booted once
well below the problem zones with mem=32m and recompiled a kernel with
that and tried to boot - same symptoms.
Maybe lilo was broken or didn't like the MBR it was written to, or
something along those lines.
Thanks to all who tried to help me!

Sven Riedel
Osteroeder Str. 6 / App. 13
38678 Clausthal "Call me bored, but don't call me boring."
- Larry Wall
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