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SubjectRe: IDE is still crap.. or something
----- Original Message -----
From: "Andre Hedrick" <>
To: "Martin Eriksson" <>
Cc: "Marcelo Tosatti" <>; "lkml"
Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2001 8:06 AM
Subject: Re: IDE is still crap.. or something

> On Fri, 23 Nov 2001, Martin Eriksson wrote:
> > > > any of the -c -u -m -W settings in hdparm. I even applied the 2.4.14
> > > > patch (after fixing the rejects) but no go.
> Mr. Martin Eriksson,
> As for your subject -- "IDE" died a long time ago, but since it died
> before you entered university, I am not at all surprized. Now as for
> jumping on the case of the talented Mr. Marcelo Tosatti. He has not found
> it neccessary to enter university at this time, as he could likely teach
> the content scheduled in the next year to you.
> Why are you doing thoughtless things like overriding the ruleset for
> optimizing the HOST/Device pair? I seriously doubt that you know the
> history of those option? Of the lot, one of them is retired as of ATA-2;
> however it still is optional for a while. The other is foolish in most
> cases unless dealing with ATA-2 hardware, or have audio driver problems.
> The next is settable by the kernel if you allow it to do the work for you.
> The last is also set by the kernel, should you allow it to operate. There
> is no valid reason for you to do anything w/ hdparm.

Well, actually I'm not the "must-use-hdparm -c1 -u1 -d1 -m16 -W1 -X66" kind
of guy... I just tested some options because my system was slow. I do not
run hdparm now, and everything works fine (with your ATA patch, and the
preempt patch). I'm moving the hard disks to the "on-board" controller
(PIIX) today, to see if that works better (without preempt+ata).

Also, I *would* be upgrading my linux system *if I had money*, but until
then, I happily run with my crappy BP6, crappy HD's and crappy HPT366

> Now this is a global reply to your list of rants. Now if you can not
> merge patches and understand what is going on, then please keep the noise
> down. Next time please have some credablity when you attempt to make
> grand pontifications of code quality in Linux. Lastly you were not to be
> a target for everyones entertainment but this is where you have come.

I'm sorry if the subject set you off.. what I should have written is
propably "ATA hard disk access slows down my system", but I was tired and
had previously been reading "".

Also, I'm not meaning to sound important or anything with my sig. Maybe I
should change it? Hmm...

> Regards,
> Andre Hedrick
> Linux ATA Development
> Linux Disk Certification Project

| Martin Eriksson <>
| Linux developer / Ignorant excuse for a human /
| Ranting bastard / Swede

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