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SubjectRe: 2.4.15-pre9 breakage (inode.c)
On Sat, Nov 24, 2001 at 03:38:07AM -0500, Alexander Viro wrote:
> On Sat, 24 Nov 2001, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> > I don't think it's harder to debug, you need the per-superblock data
> > structures for ->clear_inode() also if you try to ->clear_inode in iput,
> > and I cannot see any valid reason for which the fs would be allowed to
> > screwup the superblock before returning from read_inode. As soon as you
> > call iget the superblock must be sane and there's no point in screwing
> > it up afterwards.
> Sigh...
> set per-sb structures
> ...
> iget()
> ...
> sanity checks
> ...
> normal return
> sanity_checks_failed:
> iput()
> ...
> free per-sb structures
> ...
> return NULL;
> Looks sane, doesn't it? And that's pretty much the only way to go if

yes, it's definitely sane.

> we allocate that stuff dynamically. With your variant we _must_ call
> invalidate_inodes() here to force eviction from icache. What's more,
> not calling it will screw up non-deterministically - it will survive
> if inode gets evicted in the right interval and produce whatever damage
> it's going to produce if eviction happens too late.
> Again, what we really want here is "don't keep inodes dropped during
> ->read_super() or ->put_super() in icache". You propose to stick
> invalidate_inodes() in a bunch of places so that it would kill these
> inodes before it's too late. For some filesystems it would be


> covered by ones you add in fs/super.c, for other it would need
> explicit calls, required positions may depend on the fs internals
> and change with them... What I propose is "don't wait, kill them
> immediately and forget about the whole thing".

I don't like bloating iput with code just needed for backwards
compatibility with buggy code and for a non common case (infact it's not
even backwards compatibiltiy, if something it would be instead bugwards
compatibility 8).

OTOH I see the iget/iput semantics within the read_super/put_super (not
the code!) would be cleaner your way, so we don't even need to document
that if a per-sb ->clear_inode needs to access any per-sb special
structures, invalidate_inodes(sb) must be called before freeing the
per-sb structures [always ignoring any possible flush] (plus the fact
sb->s_op must not be clobbered before returning from read_super, so that
the vfs can see the s_op->clear_inode, but nobody should do that
anyways). btw, even your way we should still make sure nobody is
calling iput after freeing the per-sb structures :).

In practice I had a very short look at all the ->clear_inode implemented
and none seems to need the special per-sb structures, so I think also my
patch is just fine for current tree 2.4. (I guess somebody should check
xfs and jfs too)

I think long term (2.5) the right way is to replace all the iput in the
slow fail paths with a iput_not_mounted, that will avoid both the iput
clobbering and the MS_ACTIVE tracking. The differentiation should be
quite self documenting (so people will taste that this iput_not_mounted
is kind of raw thing that will flush + ->clear_inode and destroy the
inode synchronously, so ->clear_inode has to work while recalling
iput_not_mounted). It should be very easy to identify the iputs in the
read_super/put_super paths to replace them with the iput_not_mounted (at
least for the normal fs like ext2/minix etc..).

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