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SubjectRe: threads & /proc
Anton Petrusevich wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Well, I'm a bit surprised that nobody asked it yet. Do we have sound
> thread support? I am able to put my linux-2.4.15-pre{1,7} --
> definitely, and if I remember right, 2.4.14-pre{7,8} too in some strange
> state, when any program like top, killall or ps that wanna get some
> information from /proc (even midnight commander if you are trying to
> look at state of any process) blocks indefinitely. It goes to unclean
> shutdown, for example. kill doesn block, but do nothing. (I tried to
> kill processes from ls /proc list). And I see it only after several
> [unsuccessful] runs of my multithreaded program. Well, I can't say
> it's a correctly written program, I am still looking for bugs there.
> I don't have 100% way to get into this state, but I suspect some locking
> issues with /proc.

I've seen this once, on a semi-production machine which, unfortunately,
wasn't set up for diagnostic work. Uniprocessor.

If you can send out some code which demonstrates the bug then
that will be invaluable - it will be fixed quickly.

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