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SubjectTypo in md.c

I just noticed while browsing md.c (2.4.16-pre1) that there seems to be a typo
in the code. Shouldn't detetected_devices be of type kdev_t rather than int?
All (well, both) references to detected_devices assume kdev_t.

/ Jakob Kemi

--- md.c.orig Sat Nov 24 22:02:04 2001
+++ md.c Sat Nov 24 22:36:51 2001
@@ -3700,7 +3700,7 @@
* Searches all registered partitions for autorun RAID arrays
* at boot time.
-static int detected_devices[128];
+static kdev_t detected_devices[128];
static int dev_cnt;

void md_autodetect_dev(kdev_t dev)
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