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From hardware needs
Since I have received a number of email messages on this, I thought
I'd mention what's hardware needs are. If it's not on this
list we really can't use it; we appreciate the thought, though.

In the short term:

- 8 73GB (or larger) SCSI SCA disks -- identical, please. (I believe
we already have an offer for these.)
- If someone happens to have a VA Linux 9008 disk enclosure, *or* two
2U 8-disk SAF-TE enclosures of some other brand, that would be
useful too.

In the long term, we would like to replace the entire server and
reduce the space we take in the racks at ISC. My goal there would be
to replace our current 8U footprint (2U server + 2U disk shelf + 4U
disk shelf) with something more like 4U total. I would really like
the new server to support full remote administration, such as the
remote screen/keyboard/mouse/floppy/power switch card Compaq have been
selling recently.


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