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SubjectRe: Which gcc version?
On Fri, 23 Nov 2001, [ISO-8859-1] Raúl[ISO-8859-1] Núñez de Arenas  Coronado wrote:

> Sooner or later the kernel will need to be ported to gcc 3.x
> series, so, the sooner it gets tested with this compiler, the better.

One of the regression tests for gcc is to compile *a* Linux kernel, although
I have no clue which kernel they use, or if they just haul down the latest one
from the Internet.

> Anyway, if you have gcc 2.95.x installed onto your distro, use
> that for the kernel for maximum stability.

I haven't seen it on RH 7.x; I had to download and install it separately. And
it is a *royal* pain to get all the symbols/paths/libraries, etc., correct if
you want to use *anything* other than the default compiler/libraries/binutils
with Red Hat. One would need extreme motivation and extreme care.

For you (fellow) Athlon geeks, 2.95.x generates better code than either 2.96.x
or 3.0.x on the Atlas high-speed numerical linear algebra library. The reverse
is true for IA64; 3.0.x is about the only thing that generates decent code. If
that's motivating enough, have at it. YMMV.
-- (M. Edward Borasky)
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