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SubjectRe: Linux FSCP (Frequently Submitted Compilation Problems)? (was: Re: Loop.c File !!!!)
"Richard Gooch" <> wrote in message
> Andreas Dilger writes:
> > On Nov 23, 2001 11:03 +1100, Stuart Young wrote:
> > > >Something along the lines of 'Your kernel failed to build. Check
> > > > for known issues with your kernel. Post
> > > >your problem on the kernel list if this is not a FRB'. Is this something
> > > >that can be done easily?
> > >
> > > At the bottom of the file, have ANOTHER link to a generic FAQ about
> > > compilation problems (which covers all the major things like forgetting to
> > > install an assembler, the broken old build stuff, 'make dep' before
> > > compiling modules, etc). The FAQ could be on the kernel mirrors as well
> > > (and I don't see why not, as this is all kernel related, and definitely a
> > > resource that needs to be in more than one place).
> >
> > Yes!!!! Anything to reduce the number of repeat problems reported
> > is good in my books. It might also hold a pointer to Linus' (or
> > Marcello's) -pre patch area, with a warning that they are not for
> > everyone.
> Well, the FAQ is supposed to answer these questions. There's a whole
> section on compile problems. Do we need another FAQ?

No, we do not need another FAQ. But we could certainly use a few more *pointers*
to the existing ones.


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