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SubjectEtiquette of getting a driver into the kernel
 I've a Phison "usb multiple card reader". Nice little device, though I
think the driver isn't the best (block size of 1k when reading & writing
gets 80k/sec, block size of 32k gets 850k/sec).

The device came with a driver for linux on a floppy, as a patch against
2.4.2. It needed a little beating to get it to compile, and it caused
not-a-few kernel panics. Some kind soul on the net mailed me a newer
version, which does work a lot more reliably. The email address given for
the original author (in the source) doesn't seem to answer requests like
"is there a newer version of this driver", or "Is this driver GPL'd ?".

Basically, I've a patch for it against 2.4.15, and I'm wondering how I
should go about getting it into the kernel, so others can debug it for me :)


John Looney Chief Scientist
a n t e f a c t o t: +353 1 8586004 f: +353 1 8586014

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