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SubjectRe: Which gcc version?
This is all silly FUD - time for the pointer again -



Gábor Lénárt wrote:

> True, but as it's known, gcc-2.96 is NOT an official gcc release by the gcc
> team. It was RedHat's fault to fetch a development CVS gcc snapshot and
> release it as gcc 2.96 in RedHat distributions, while object format used by
> 2.96 is not compatible with 2.95 nor 3.0.x at least according information
> can be found on site of gcc. It was very ROTFL RedHat to release kgcc to be
> able to compile kernel. And these type of distributions are marked as even
> enterprise-ready and likes by RedHat :) Sorry for the flame, but IMHO it's
> very funny :) [Also, while developing MPlayer we had got problems with even
> newer 2.96's, so we do not recommend it in the dox, and ./configure won't
> able you to use 2.96 without a special configure switch ...]

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