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SubjectRe: [PATCH] remove trailing whitespace
I used sed, but yes the following does
the same as downloading and applying the patch:
find linux -type f | xargs perl -wi -pe 's/[<space><tab>]+$//'
(obviously replace <space> & <tab> with the appropriate chars).

Note also that after (bz2) compression the space saving drops
from 224,654 to 139,669 bytes, which is still good.


Mark Hahn wrote:

> find linux -type f | xargs perl -pe 's/\s+$/\n/'
> wouldn't something like this work? seems generally easier,
> more compact, and probably more Linus-appetizing...
>>This (23MB! (5Mb compressed)) patch removes trailing whitespace from
>>all files in the kernel, thereby reducing size from 121,865,495 to
>>121,640,841. I.E. reducing size by 224,654 bytes. I don't know if it's
>>of any use, but it should be applied now if it is going to be done
>>at all.

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