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SubjectRe: Filesize limit on SMBFS
On Fri, Nov 23, 2001 at 09:10:24AM -0200, Marcelo Borges Ribeiro wrote:
> I have fat32 partition, but the problem isn´t the size of partition it is
> 8GB. The problem is that if you want to
> create a cpio backup of a linux system 3.5GB (I did that to reformat a ext2
> to a reiserfs) to an available fat32 space, in my case the backup size is
> allways 2GB and when I tried to extract back I saw "unexpected end of file".
> So I thought it was that famous kernel limitation of 2GB under any kind of
> partition, but i was informed that fat has this limitation too. So the
> kernel may suport files bigger than 2GB (I really don´t know, I just know
> that in my case with fat32 it did not and I saw this too with some oracle
> databases that could not be used when they grow and reach 2GB, may be a
> library problem too).

ext2 has a 2GB filesize limitation.


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