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Subject2.4.15: FS corruption on EXT2

I've just been testing 2.4.15 on my NetWinder (which was running 2.4.15-pre5
quite happily - its built several kernels and been through a fair number of
reboot cycles with that version).

With 2.4.15, I can now 100% reproduce every time filesystem corruption of
an ext2 filesystem, specifically in /var/lock/subsys/.

/var/lock/subsys contains a load of 0 byte files, one for each daemon that
is started by the redhat-like boot scripts. On shutdown they're removed.

After a second boot with 2.4.15, all the names are still present in the
directory, rm complains with:

rm: cannot remove `/var/lock/subsys/xyz': Input/output error

stracing rm reveals that lstat of a file in /var/lock/subsys/ returns -EIO.
Trying to get a directory listing results in every single file giving an
input/output error.

This is just a heads up - several people are already looking into it.

Russell King ( The developer of ARM Linux

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