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SubjectRe: HPT370 on 2.2.20+ide-patch - or is it RAID?
On Fri, Nov 23, 2001 at 04:39:32PM +0200, you [Ville Herva] claimed:
> On Fri, Nov 23, 2001 at 02:35:02PM +0200, you [Ville Herva] claimed:
> > On Thu, Nov 22, 2001 at 09:54:24PM +0200, you [Ville Herva] claimed:
> >
> > I'm trying again with 2.2.20/IDE 05042001/no hpt patch/slightly older
> > bios/UDMA33 instead of UDMA66. (Just _too_ many variables... Phew.)
> 2.2.20/IDE 05042001/no hpt patch/UDM33 gives no IDE errors, but
> /dev/md0 md5sums still differ.
> Since I didn't see the corruption with /dev/hde nor /dev/hdg, I'm beginning
> to wonder if this is in fact RAID/VM/some other problem...?
> 2.2.19 included the VM rewrite, and I also patched the 2.2.20 kernel with
> Andrea's VM-locked-1 -patch (which I figure shouldn't really affect read
> path?)
> The 2.2.18pre19 kernel (that works) uses 2.2.17-raid A0-patch, and
> 2.2.20 uses 2.2.19-A1. The differences between the two seems trivial.
> I would be delighted if someone could confirm that 2.2.20+raid-A1 works 100%
> correct... Just md5summing the contents of /dev/md0 3-4 times should do if
> were lucky. It takes time, though...

Ok, it isn't raid. It took a little more effort to reproduce with plain
/dev/hd[eg] read, but the md5sum mismatch eventually happaned.

This was with 2.2.20+IDE, no hpt patch. The drives were forced to UDMA33 as
opposed to (default) UDMA66. This time, nothing shows up in the log.

I'll try again with 2.2.18pre19 (this time harder) to make sure it really
_really_ doesn't happen with it.

Then I'll give 2.4.15 a shot to see if hpt behaves (2.4 lacks e2compr
however, so I'm not sure I can actually use it).

-- v --
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