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SubjectRe: Which gcc version?
On November 23, 2001 02:59 pm, Anton Altaparmakov wrote:
> At 13:51 23/11/01, war wrote:
> >You should use gcc-2.95.3.
> That's not true. gcc-2.96 as provided with RedHat 7.2 is perfectly fine.
> gcc-3x OTOH is not a good idea at the moment.

Do you have any particular reason for saying that?

Just for the record, I've been building kernels exclusively with 3.0x
(currently 3.02) for more than a month without problems. At some point you
just have to take a deep breath and take the plunge ;-)

I agree that it's a good idea for comercial distributions, large corporations
and to like, to be as a year or two behind the compiler curve, but for a
kernel developer or unstable kernel addict to be paranoid about gcc 3.0 is in
my mind, just plain silly. If you are building the latest kernel you might
as well build it with the latest compiler, the risks are roughly the same.

Through widespread use, whatever wrinkles still remain in gcc3 will be ironed
out. In fact, I'd say it's something of a moral responsibility to adopt the
new compiler sooner, rather than later. It helps make our tool chain

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