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SubjectRe: Swap vs No Swap.
On November 22, 2001 08:25, war wrote:
> Why have SWAP if you don't need it - answer that.?

> > BS. You don't use swap INSTEAD of RAM, but AS WELL AS. Moving less
> > frequently used data to swap allows you to put more frequently used data
> > in RAM, which DOES speed things up. (At least, it does if the VM system
> > works properly :P)

Are you even reading what they're saying? Having swap lets you move less
frequently used data to disk in favour of having more frequently used data in

Personally, I have more than enough RAM to run a fairly busy KDE2 desktop,
and still have over 128megs in disk cache. And I still run with swap. The VM
seems to find about 40megs of data I'm -simply not using-, and it now has the
freedom to push that to swap so it can cache things that I -do use-. Although
the more RAM you have, the less significant the results are, you'll find that
in normal desktop/workstation/server use, the kernel will -always- find
something to swap out to give itself more cache, and more cache is a very
good thing. It's not fucking rocket science.

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