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SubjectRe: anyone got the same problem with DIGITAL 21143 network card ?
On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, Ishak Hartono wrote:

> I tried to compile 2.4.14 and successfully detect the digital 21143 network
> card, however, i can't ping out
> this is just a curiosity, because it works with my 2.2.17 kernel
> the reason why i didn't move to 2.4.x yet because i got this problem with
> 2.4.5 as well and gave it a try again on 2.4.14 kernel
> anyone know what should i check in the system other than blaming on the
> kernel ?

Same problem here with a p100 and two dec-tulip-cards and 2.4.14.

Driver loads without problems, ifconfig works too, routes are set - even
the 10baseT-link is detected (it switches to 10base2 when I remove the
cable, and back to 10baseT after reattaching)

But the kernel sees nothing on the wire (tcpdump), and nothing it sends is
seen by the other machines.

Dropped Packet/Overrun count (don't remember which of the two) keeps
rising for every packet it tries to send.

The woody-default-kernel (2.2.20?) works without problems.

I will lookup the exact card-type and error-symptomes this night, when I'm
back home. (And possibly try 2.4.15-preNewest, but kernel-compiling on
this to-be-router takes a long time)



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