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SubjectRe: Problem when using a nfs mounted filesystem.
>>>>> " " == Stephane Brossier <> writes:

> [root@localhost mnt]# mount -t nfs -o "hard,intr,nodev,nosuid"
> hats105:/export1 /mnt/export1


> Everything seems OK for a while since I can access any
> directory/file under /mnt/export1. Suddenly, after a few
> minutes, I cannot access anymore this file system. All my
> programs which where using these filesystems are frozen and I
> they dont even receive any signals. I cannot umount this
> filesystem neither. I checked the nfs server is still up and
> running so the problem seems to come from the client side.

Usually, when this happens, it is due to some problem in the
networking driver. A tcpdump should show what is happening when the
filesystem hangs.

Please also
- check the connection between the client and server. In particular
switch settings.
- Check if reducing r/wsize helps.

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