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    Subjecte2fsck-1.25 problem
    Sorry if I'm OT here, but reading the docs on ext3fs I had to upgrade
    from e2fsck-1.19 so I got the latest, 1.25 and installed it before
    booting 2.4.15pre6.
    make check said all was fine. But, when I rebooted some messages sailed
    by about not being able to load shared libraries and and
    fsck said something about errors in the fs and REBOOT NOW. Very scary
    I booted up a recovery disk and ran e2fsck-1.10 on both of the relevant
    devices and with -f and all was well. I rebooted back to 2.4.14 and got
    the same messages flying by. Nothing of the sort in dmesg or the logs.
    Can anybody give me a clue as to what is going on? The system goes ahead
    and reboots and runs fine with either kernel AFAIK.
    Thanks a bunch, Garst
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