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Subject[RFC] [PATCH] omnibus header cleanup
Requesting advice...

Last week, I posted [1] patches ([2],[3]) to fix undisciplined macro
definitions in 116 header files. His Linusness has not picked them
up, through several preN releases, nor commented. I see four choices:

1. Keep posting the patches until they get picked up, or rot.

2. Split them up into four dozen separate patches, and pepper
individual maintainers and Linus with them all, and check which
ones get in and which don't, and re-send the latter until they're
all in.

3. Conclude that Linux maintainers are only interested in fixing
immediate causes of bugs that have already been reported.

4. Find some credible people willing to scan through the patches and
certify to Linus that they are Safe, Effective, and Not Destabilizing.

Choice (1) is hopeless. (I have updated the patches for 2.4.15-pre9;
the proposals for include/linux/pci.h had been picked up.) Since
choice (2) is about a hundred times as much work as I've already done
on them, all of it administrative overhead, any sane person would
choose (3) over (2).

That leaves (4). Who will scan one or both patches and certify them
for Linus?

There are certainly dozens of more-subtle bug sources (e.g. [4],[5]) in
the kernel, and I would love to help smoke them out, but I can't afford
to do that if it's a hundred times as much work to get the resulting
patches accepted as to find and fix them in the first place.

Advice? Certifiers?

Nathan Myers
ncm at cantrip dot org


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