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SubjectRe: fs/exec.c and binfmt-xxx in 2.4.14
In article <>, Martin Dalecki wrote:
>Heinz-Ado Arnolds wrote:
>> I have a problem with loading modules for binary formats. The
>> reason for this problem shows up in fs/exec.c search_binary_handler().
>> Starting with linux-2.1.23 (and up to 2.4.14) there was a change
>> in the format and offset of printing the magic number for requesting
>> a handler module. Up to 2.1.22 the statement
>That is a time span of several years during which nobody realized there
>was a problem with this. Therefore I would rather request for removal
>of the whole binfmt-misc stuff (which is ugly anyway) rather then
>"fixing it" ;-)

This report has nothing to do with binfmt_misc - it's in the main binfmt

Colin Watson []
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