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SubjectRe: [: Re: RAW NTFS Partition]


I will downlaod and review where the code is at. Write support is
going to be very tough at this point -- they have changed some of
the on-disk strucutures again for the journal and several meta
files. However, with the DOJ settlement, they will be required to
share this information, so our job could get easier. I will
approach some folks and see where they are at. Hopefully, it won't
go down the way it did last time.


On Fri, Nov 23, 2001 at 02:16:04AM +0000, Anton Altaparmakov wrote:
> At 03:01 23/11/01, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
> >Can you help this person?
> I will reply to him off line. Sounds to me he is in desperate need of a
> data recovery company not of diskedit... Using diskedit on his part can
> damage the volume even more and if it is a whole year worth of work paying
> a few thousand dollars to get the data recovered is peanuts... If he
> insists then I will help him of course but I think it's a bad idea.
> >My 18 months has now expired. I can help on NTFS now if you need some help.
> That's cool to know. I am developing a new NTFS driver - NTFS TNG. It is
> read-only for now and it is almost complete with regards to basic read
> support. I.e. it works NOW. - The only thing that is missing is attribute
> list attribute support but I am working on it as we speak. (-;
> If you or anyone else of course is interested in participating in
> development, have a look. Code is in module ntfs-driver-tng in Sourceforge
> linux-ntfs CVS. URL with cvs access details:
> Note that the module requires some small changes to the core kernel and the
> appropriate patch is maintained in ntfs-driver-tng/patches directory.
> Currently kernel 2.4.15-pre4 is supported but patch might apply to later
> -pres as well.
> After applying the patch and installing the new NTFS module sources NTFS
> TNG is completely separate from the kernel tree (all code including headers
> is in fs/ntfs and nowhere else and the include/linux/fs.h dependencies are
> gone).
> One word of warning: NTFS TNG requires gcc-2.96 or later to compile. It
> will NOT compile with earlier versions of gcc! You will just get a million
> or so errors if you try any earlier gcc compiler...
> Best regards,
> Anton
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