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SubjectRe: Linux FSCP (Frequently Submitted Compilation Problems)? (was: Re: Loop.c File !!!!)
"Stuart Young" <> wrote in message
> At 10:10 AM 21/11/01 +0100, Rob Turk wrote:
> >Good suggestion. Unfortunately, many people obviously do not take the time
> >to read the newsgroup before they post, so what do you propose will be the
> >mechanism to encourage them to lookup existing issues?
> Why not do it like the current Changelog, put it in the kernel repository,
> and make sure it hits all the mirrors. A little selective advertising (eg:
> someone mention it on slashdot, newsforge, debianplanet, etc), and people
> will start using it. Just suffix the file with the version number, just
> like the Changelog. Because the file will be small, it's possible that some
> mirrors will get quick updates before they get the kernel itself. This
> covers all the version specific problems at least.
> Stuart Young -
> (aka Cefiar) -

Most of the people which post without reading previous entries in the newsgroup
will also not read FRB (Frequently Reported Bugs) files. I actually got a great
suggestion in from Martin Bene. He suggests putting a last line in the build
process which always shows up if a failure occurs during kernel compiles.
Something along the lines of 'Your kernel failed to build. Check for known issues with your kernel. Post your
problem on the kernel list if this is not a FRB'. Is this something that can be
done easily?

As a suggestion for such a web site, it would probably help if people who see
'their' bug present could file a description under the frb on such a web site,
to help developers figure out how many people are impacted and maybe to
correlate the circumstances.


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