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SubjectRe: e2fsck-1.25 problem
On Nov 22, 2001  22:57 -0400, Garst R. Reese wrote:
> I got the latest, 1.25 and installed it before booting 2.4.15pre6.
> make check said all was fine. But, when I rebooted some messages sailed
> by about not being able to load shared libraries and and
> fsck said something about errors in the fs and REBOOT NOW. Very scary
> always.

I take it you did a normal ./configure; make; make install? I am running
1.25 without any problems.

> I booted up a recovery disk and ran e2fsck-1.10 on both of the relevant
> devices and with -f and all was well. I rebooted back to 2.4.14 and got
> the same messages flying by. Nothing of the sort in dmesg or the logs.

e2fsck wouldn't log anything in dmesg or in syslog. It would be helpful
to see what the exact messages are. Note also, that e2fsck 1.10 is
_very_ old (released 4.5 years ago), so it is entirely possible that
your fs has problems in it that it could not detect, but the newer e2fsck
does find.

I would suggest booting from a recovery disk with a statically linked
e2fsck 1.25, and then run it under "script" so you get a log of all
the output. Post it here.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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