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SubjectRe: Swap vs No Swap.
> > Yeah, but when the disk starts swapping the system slows down to a halt.
> No, when the disk starts *THRASHING* the system slows down to a halt.
> If you are thrashing with swap you would be thrashing much worse without
> swap.

Not neccessarily.
Your swap early swap often paradigma works long as the swap
partition resides on an standalone harddisk without a data partition.

But imagine the situation that you have a higher band width streaming
application - e.g. viewing a video file. On the same hard disc there is a
swap partition. Cache is getting bigger and bigger until kernel starts to
Now the swapping algorithm writes on the harddisc. That troubles the hard
disc elevation mechanism, so that higher bandwidth readings starve, due to
head movements away from the data partitions towards the swap partition.


Christian Bornträger
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