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SubjectThinkpad t21 hard lockup when left overnight
When I've left my thinkpad on overnight (without apm --suspend'ing it)
when I wake up in the morning, it's locked up hard. For some reason it
seems to run for a few hours w/o any interaction on the machine itself,
then it just dies. I did a test where I ssh'd into the box and ran a
simple while [ 1 ] { data ; sleep 30 } test, and it died after 3,4 hours
of inactivity.

I've seen this at least since 2.4.13-AC5, and see it currently in

I'm using the pcmcia package (instead of the kernel's because I can't
get my orinoco card to work with the kernel's driver) and I always have
my xircom (ibm rebranded) card inside when it crashes (so the associated
module installed). I'm also using the thinkpad module (tpctl related).
I also have the cs46xx module installed, as well as using devfs + ext3
(though would the last 2 really have anything to do with it?). The
kernel is compiled with usb support, and the rest should be a fairly
normal kernel build. How would I go about trying to diagnose why the
machine is locking up hard.

Nothing is in syslog when I reboot.


shaya potter

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