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SubjectNFS problem
I have a QFS filesystem on a solaris 8 which is exported via
qfs1 2848604160 3996672 2844607488 1%

([3] % uname -a
SunOS azure 5.8 Generic_108528-09 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-4 )

The QFS have an option on it's directories: you can change the attributes
on a directory with setfa (set file atrributes) to direct IO or page
Here is the concerned excerpt of the QFS setfa manpage:
-D Specifies the direct I/O attribute be permanently set
for this file. This means data is transferred directly
between the user's buffer and disk. This attribute
should only be set for large block aligned sequential
I/O. The default I/O mode is buffered (uses the page
cache). Directio will not be used if the file is
currently memory mapped. See man directio(3C) for
Solaris 2.6 and above for more details, however the
SAM-FS directio attribute is permanent.
With this option we have strange performences:
>From a solaris client to this solaris server we have approximatively
40MB/s, with a linux client >1MB/s. Without directio mode we have
approximatively 20MB/s on a linux and 20MB/s on a solaris
( I have tested on several solaris clients, several linux client with
gigabit ethernet links and without (for having 20MB/s) ).

I thought that NFS's underlying FS do not have any effect on NFS
performances, and that the client is not aware of the ("local") remote
Am I wrong ?
Does anybody have an idea to fix the problem ?
Is it a bug in NFS's implementation of linux kernel ?

Thanks in advance
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