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SubjectRe:[RFC][PATCH] flush_icache_user_range

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> The patch below changes access_one_page in kernel/ptrace.c to use a
> new function, flush_icache_user_range, instead of flush_icache_page as
> at present. The reason for making this change is that
> flush_icache_page is also called in do_no_page and do_swap_page, where
> it does a fundamentally different job. Decoupling the two makes it
> possible to improve performance, because we can make flush_icache_page
> do the flush only when needed.

Could you also check map_user_kiobuf()?

map_user_kiobuf() calls flush_dcache_page() - if I understand
cachetlb.txt correctly that function is only suitable for dcache/mmap
cache coherency, it's not suitable for anon pages. But map_user_kiobuf()
must support arbitrary pages.

And unmap_kiobuf doesn't contain a single cache flush.

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