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SubjectRe: [BUG] Bad #define, nonportable C, missing {}
On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, Vincent Sweeney wrote:
>> drivers/block/paride/pf.c: if (l==0x20) j--; targ[j]=0;
>> drivers/block/paride/pg.c: if (l==0x20) j--; targ[j]=0;
>> drivers/block/paride/pt.c: if (l==0x20) j--; targ[j]=0;
>> (these files need Lindenting too)
>> ----------
>> Missing {} Either a bug or a very bad style (so bad that I can even
>> imagine that it is NOT a bug). Please double check before applying
>> the patch! -- vda
> C std says IFF you have one expression after the for() then you can
> omit the {}'s. So this is NOT a bug or bad coding style its just
> saving some bytes in the source code :)

The point here is that what is written as

if(l==0x20) j--; targ[j]=0;

is actually


and not the

targ[j] = 0;

that it appears to be. I wouldn't like to use 'l' as a variable
either, but that's just me.

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