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SubjectSIS IDE (sis5513.c)
Hello :)

I have a notebook with SIS IDE Chipset - SIS601. This week I have
installed Linux. It seems that this chipset is not supported by sis5513.c
driver. I tried adding support myself by putting PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_601 in
each switch/case in this file (because I found that it sound work for
PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_540 and PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_620 ). Unfortunetly ugly
"unknown IDE controller" message still appeard. Then I go to the ide-pci.c
and noticed that int ide_pci_chipsets here is only one line for SIS:

{DEVID_SIS5513, "SIS5513", PCI_SIS5513, ATA66_SIS5513, INIT_SIS5513, NULL, {{0x4a,0x02,0x02}, {0x4a,0x04,0x04}}, ON_BOARD, 0 },

and one #define:
#define DEVID_SIS5513 ((ide_pci_devid_t){PCI_VENDOR_ID_SI, PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_5513})

BTW: Am I right, this makes that only PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_5513 chipset is
supported and all other chipset listed in sis5513.c will not work?

Ok, I added DEVID_SIS601 (PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_601) with parameters from
SIS5513 or all zeros but... now I have "neither IDE port enabled (BIOS)"
message. So? Is there any way to enable DMA transfers for my HDD? With PIO
my HDD is verry slow (hdparm shows 3 MB/sek).

Best regards,

Krzysztof Oledzki

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