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SubjectRe: Can't link?
In article <>, Ian Stirling wrote:
>Rather odd thing happening right now, that I can't figure out.
>Running 2.4.11 on a ext2 filesystem, with a couple of 40Gb drives, and
>some NFS mounts.
>After reading man link, I tried the following in /
>bash-2.03# >1
>bash-2.03# ls -l
>total 0
>-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Nov 20 01:57 1
>bash-2.03# ln 1 2
>ln: cannot create hard link `2' to `1': No such file or directory

2.4.11 was badly broken (it's called 2.4.11-dontuse in the kernel
archives now). Have you tried later kernels?

Colin Watson []
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