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SubjectRe: kernel 2.4.14 freeze
The problem is dealed with HIGHMEM.
When i disable it all is working good.

I will decode oops later.

Mark Hahn wrote:

> please decode the oopses as described in the faq.
> without you decoding them, they're not meaningful,
> since the addresses are for your kernel only.
> but let me also ask: is the freeze consistently 2 minutes
> after boot? if so, I'd guess the problem is power-management,
> which you should probably try switching off in BIOS.
>>Hi, all!
>> I have HP X4000 workstation (2CPU P4 Xeon 1.7GHz: 1G RAM) and i am
>>trying to use it in cluster as client PC with booting
>>over network.
>> But after about 2min computer freeze when i dont use syslog and klog.
>> When i am using syslog and klog i get oops message directly after
>>syslog start and before kernel freeze.
>> If i am trying use it UP configuration with APIC then APIC reports
>>it gets unknown configuration.
>> In attachment dmesg output befor freeze and kernel .config file.
>> pasha.

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