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SubjectRe: A return to PCI ordering problems...
Christoph Hellwig <> writes:

>In article <9tg371$ja3$> you wrote:
>> One could imagine a module to read the MAC address from the eeprom and
>> not from the Interface.. Makes this scenario not impossible but much
>> harder.

>"To use the WizBang Webpublishing software you have to use one of
> the follwoing Network Interface Cards: Intel EEpro (TM) 100,
> 3com 3c590C, SMC Etherpower."

>Sure, looks practicable..

BS. You buy an Appliance (let's say an "Limegreen RcK Server") which comes
with a Whizbang Software package (let's say Miracle SQL database (light)).

Miracle has an exclusive licensing agreement with Limegreen that their
software is only used on the RcK Servers and cannot be put onto
"run-off-the-mill" i386 Servers.

As I said "not impossible but much harder".


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