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SubjectLinux FSCP (Frequently Submitted Compilation Problems)? (was: Re: Loop.c File !!!!)
Hi all,

Just a thought. Don't shoot the messenger/idiot that thought of it.

>He's doubtless referring to the deactivate_page()
>thing that's been talked to death on this list for
>the past 2 weeks...
I'm getting rather annoyed with the same problem being reported/asked about
over and over again...

Is there - or would it be nice it it would be here - a list of recent
compilation problems encountered with stock kernels (and what to do about
it)? (see the loop.c thingy recently, and other problems with other stock
kernels). So we could just point the people to that thing instead of having
these 'discussions' over and over again...

It could be about only the 'full' versions, or maybe the 'pre' kernels too...

Maybe it would even be possible to add keywords to the filtering procs of
the lkml, so that those persons would get a sort of -automatic- email on
the subject...

Just a thought...


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