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SubjectRe: Mixing 32- and 64-bit cards

> As mentioned in another thread, we are building a file server with 3ware

> At the moment, we plan to get a 6800 (32-bit PCI). If we add 7800's
> (64-bit PCI) or some other 3ware card later, will the driver correctly
> configure them all? IOW, if I have

Sorry, I'm not answering your question but I do have a comment.

A month or so back 3ware discontinued _ALL_ their 3ware Escalades, the
6xxx and the 7xxx, they have since then recieved so many mails that
they've restarted development, support and production of them.

With one 'minor' issue, they're discontinuing their 6xxx (32bit) series
of cards. So I would recommend getting the 64bit 7xxx series directly

// Stefan

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