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SubjectAthlon /proc/cpuinfo anomaly [minor]
Just a minor point: my infamous and improbable dual Athlon XP 1800+
system is now running happily under 2.4.15-pre7, but there's a slight
anomaly in the /proc/cpuinfo reporting.

CPU0 is labelled as an "AMD Athlon(tm) MP Processor 1800+", as expected.
CPU1 is instead labelled just "AMD Athlon(tm) Processor".

All other parameters are reported as identical between the two CPUs.

I know there have been some /proc/cpuinfo changes on various
architectures recently, so maybe this is related. Am I missing
something, or shouldn't they be reported as the same?


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Alastair Stevens \ \
MRC Biostatistics Unit \ \___________ 01223 330383
Cambridge UK \___

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