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SubjectRe: Again Multiboot-Standard for Linux ?

> > From: "ChristianK." [mailto:"ChristianK."]
> >
> > Is anyone still working on making the Linux Kernel Multiboot
> > compliant ?
> Was someone working on this before? It didn't seem like it.

You can find some references in the unoffical Kernel-Mailing list Archive,
and there was a Patch for the 1.2.x Kernel series to make it Multiboot
compliant, but I don't know what has happend to this.

> > I wan't to load my modules from grub(pxegrub) without the
> > need to compile in
> > ramdisk / initrd / romfs... (System memory is very low (4MB-6MB)).
> I am tentatively looking at this, but for other reasons. IIRC the initrd's
> memory is recycled later on, so I don't know if tight memory is a good
> reason for pursuing this.

I know that the ramdisk memory is reused, but not the memory needed for the
ramdisk , and the romfs/minix,ext2... whatever filesystem code.

Beside that, this it is a very nice feature for making an Installation Disk /
AFAIK the newest RedHat distribution use grub as standard Linux Loader,
if the Linux Kernel is able to load modules before mounting root, you can
make a Kernel without any block/bus driver compiled in.

All i want to know is if anybody is still working on this, before i start
coding myselve (I hate doing things twice).

Mfg. Christian König.
PS: Sorry for my poor English.

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