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SubjectRe: copy to user
> > I suppose now you can understand why SIGSTOP won't work. Hope you can help
> > me :)
> how about making a signal handler for SIGUSR1 that checks a global variable and
> loops. an other signal handler for SIGUSR2 to clear the variable so the SIGUSR1
> handler can exit.
> All in user space. (to delay execution kill -USR1 $pid, to continue: kill -USR2
> $pid)

The same is possible within the kernel too! Add default handler to some
unused signals (there are more user-defineable signals than SIGUSR[12]
and noone cares to install handler for them) to do the loop in kernel.
Just make sure, that you call shedule() from time to time in that loop,
because in kernel you can't be preempted as you would in user-space.

- Jan Hudec `Bulb' <>
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