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SubjectRe: [VM/MEMORY-SICKNESS] 2.4.15-pre7 kmem_cache_create invalid opcode
> Why does this seem illogical to you?

Philisophical. Kind of like Linus hating kernel debuggers or something. If
is building applcations or modules, etc. in a "commerical" software world (I
just opened
the door to get my head bitten off) where I came from, doing stuff like this
was totally
forbidden. There's a sort of "shell shocked" conditioning folks get into
who have been
in software companies like where I came from where anything that makes it
difficult for
a vendor, partner, developer, etc. to build and maintain code is considered
a serious

This type of a problem could cause a partner or vendor to spend a lot of
time trying to
figure out what was wrong. Even more so since the way I stumbled across the
was building a driver on one system with modversions turned off, then
loading the
module on a target system and watching it crash -- very annoying and
wasteful of
time. It's just a philisophical kind of thing. i.e. the tools and code
shoudl not have
"easter eggs" hidden in it that make it harder to maintain code.



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