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SubjectRe: Athlon /proc/cpuinfo anomaly [minor]
At 11:19 AM 21/11/01 +0000, Alastair Stevens wrote:
> > > CPU0 is labelled as an "AMD Athlon(tm) MP Processor 1800+".
> > > CPU1 is instead labelled just "AMD Athlon(tm) Processor".
> >
> > Those strings are read directly out of the CPU.
>Hmmm, case of a suspicious CPU then? I haven't physically looked at it,
>but all the correct XP flags (such as "sse") are reported, so it must be
>the real thing.
>Perhaps one is a certified MP processor, and the other (ahem) isn't...?

Tried swapping the processors around?

If it's processor dependent, that'll show it. If it's code, it'll be the same.

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