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SubjectExt3 not supported by kernel !!!!!
Hi again guys, i manage to compile the 2.4.14 kernel just fine, and did all 
the steps:

make menuconfig
make dep
( didn't do make clean though )
make modules
make modules install
cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vzmiluz-2.4.14
mkinitrd /boot/initrd-2.4.14.img

edited my lilo and updated it ( /sbin/lilo )

Then i rebooted and was expecting a happy ending though it not happened.
after loading the kernel, when linux was suppose to mount the modules, the
file system and so, an error appeard!!

fs ext3 not supported by kernel

kernel panic...... bla bla bla

after that i reentered linux with my working kernel and did bzdisk just to

then i rebooted and linux booted because the kernel needn't be mounted as it
is in the floppy and initrf.immg as well.

though when red hat came to mount the file system, instead of the beautifull
[ ok ], a [ failed ] appeard, again with the error message:

fs ext3 not supported by kernel!

This was for what i think something i misschoose in the make config step am
i right??'

If so can one of u tell me which menu contains the ext3 support for the
kernel compilation.

tks again, Astinus
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