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SubjectRe: [reiserfs-list] Re: [REISERFS TESTING] new patches on 2.4.15-pre7
Am Mittwoch, 21. November 2001 11:02 schrieb Nikita Danilov:

> Yes, it's right, but currently we have what we have currently. I am
> going to extend inode-attrs.patch and add new mount option
> "noattrs". With it ioctls to set and get attributes will continue to
> work, but attributes themselves will not have any effect. Then, one can
> boot with "rootflags=noattrs" and read-write root, clear all attributes
> by chattr -R and remount root.
> I put new version of the patch in the same place, Dieter, can you please
> try it?

So here it goes.
You made one mistake in your README file:

chattr -R -SAadiscu /reiserfs-mount-point

for each reiserfs file system. Said garbage on root file-system can
prevent system from booting (for example spurious immutable flag on
/dev/console) to work around this, new mount option
"noattrs" is provided. With it chattr and lsattr still work, but
attributes don't have any actual effect. So, boot system with
"rootflags=noattr", clear all attributes and reboot or remount root
file system.

You've forgotten the little "s" but had it right in your post.

After I've 'booted into single user mode with "linux rootflags=noattrs" I
could change my archives but _NOT_ /dev/console the right way. After the
second reboot I got the warning and kernel hang, again. Something wrong with
your patch or my installation?

SunWave1 /# l /dev/console
crw------- 1 root root 5, 1 Nov 21 11:01 /dev/console
SunWave1 /# lsattr /dev/console
lsattr: Invalid argument While reading flags on /dev/console

Two other FS in /dev have some problems, too. But I think that is right.

SunWave1 /# chattr -R -SAadiscu /dev/
chattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device while reading flags on /dev//pts
chattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device while reading flags on /dev//shm

All the files in /proc show the same.

Here comes a little positive example, I think.

SunWave1 /# lsattr /tmp/
----------X-j /tmp//xwlog
--------B-X-j /tmp//kde-nuetzel
------------- /tmp//dcop6SKhoM
---------D-Ej /tmp//YaST2.tdir
----------XEj /tmp//ksocket-root
--------B-X-j /tmp//mcop-nuetzel
--------B--Ej /tmp//kde-root
--------B-X-j /tmp//ksocket-nuetzel
--------B--Ej /tmp//INSTALL
--------BD-Ej /tmp//modules.conf.-
---------DX-j /tmp//vi.recover
--------BD-Ej /tmp//mcop-root
------------j /tmp//lost+found
--------BD-Ej /tmp//modules.conf

What next?


PS Have you read about the latest ACL discussion on LKML?
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