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SubjectRe: [VM/MEMORY-SICKNESS] 2.4.15-pre7 kmem_cache_create invalid opcode
On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 11:31:15AM -0700, Jeff Merkey wrote:

> I would anticipate seeing this problem with their kernel source RPM. In
> fact, I do, you have to do a make distclean before you can use it because
> of the way their rpm script munges all the versioned trees into a tmp area
> during RPM creation. There's only one source tree (usually the last one
> they built) and lots of binary rpm versions from the one tree (i.e. i386,
> i686, etc.).

Yes and during the build the modversions and depenency info etc for each
version is nicely stored in separate directories which is later combined
into one tree with #if's for the proper currently running kernel.

Have you even looked at the kernel-source RPM ?

Arjan van de Ven
Red Hat Linux kernel maintainer
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