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SubjectRe: [VM/MEMORY-SICKNESS] 2.4.15-pre7 kmem_cache_create invalid opcode
In article <003401c1725a$975ad4e0$f5976dcf@nwfs> you wrote:

> OK. Cool. Now we are making progress. I think this is a nasty problem.
> There are numerous RPMs that will build against the kernel tree and be
> busted. I would expect an rpm -ba on your DEFAULT kernel in Redhat with
> the sources contained in the kernel.rpm files to also be broken unless
> someone has done this.

That's why Red Hat ships the kernel-source RPM; you can build external
modules against that and it has the "make dep" information for all kernels
Red Hat ships for that platform (with a smart "if" that selects the
currently running one)........... But note the word "external". You build in
another directory and don't touch the original .config file or tree......
Unless you need core changes, that's perfectly possible for almost all

Arjan van de Ven

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