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SubjectRe: Spawning kernel threads from other kernel threads(?)
>>and BTW what is an "?entity?" ?

Oops. Excuse my ambiguity. When I said "entity" I was describing the design in
a very general form. Let me phrase it like this; my software in theory looks

- a manager "entity" is responsible for destroying and creating "worker"
- the worker threads then perform a specific tasks.

That's theory though. The implementation actually looks like:

A linux kernel thread has the responsibility of creating and killing threads
termed "manager").
The worker threads (also kernel threads) perform specific tasks.

>>2.4.3 is awfully stale for starters -

Yup. This is not by choice :-) The hardware/OS is pretty much fixed at this

Would spawning a kernel thread from a kernel thread work with a recent kernel?



> Question:
> Can you spawn a kernel thread from another kernel thread? I want to
> have one manager ?entity? which will dynamically create kernel threads as
> needed. Right now, when I try to spawn another thread from the manager
> [as of today, still a kernel thread] it will crash. Is this legal? If not,
> is the alternative?
> kernel_thread()
> Kernel Version 2.4.3

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