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SubjectRe: radeonfb bug: text ends up scrolling in the middle of tux.
I can't seem to find that patch. This bug is annoying, can you please
tell me where I can get it?

Thanks, Louis

> On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 08:33:29PM -0500, Dan Merillat wrote:
> > Ok, I've poked around but I can't find a penguin or tux bitmap to
> > figure out why scrolling is so broken. I've got to login blind and
> > reset to get the console back. Needless to say, no kernel messages
> > are readable after the mode-switch (they all overwrite themselves on
> > a single line)
> Yes, I encontered the same. See my previous message for a patch:
> Message-ID: <20011118163244.A1100@pinguin.subspace.exe>
> Subject: Debugging (?) output in 2.4.14 breaks radeon framebuffer
> The offending code seems to have entered the kernel at 2.4.14,
> 2.4.13 was OK on my box.
> Ingo

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