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SubjectRe: APM suspend/standby lockup (Notebook, Aver TM212)
Charles Bueche wrote:
> Hi,
> any syslog output from the resume time ?

No. :( The last message that gets into the syslog is "apmd: User
Suspend". Might there be a chance to capture something useful with a serial
line console?


> Charles
> On Fri, 2 Nov 2001 12:51:53 +0100
> OF = "Oliver Feiler <>" wrote:
> OF> Hello,
> OF>
> OF> I have got this problem on an Acer Travelmate 212TX. Whenever I try
> to
> OF> suspend the computer (via apm -s or closing the display) the system
> suspends
> OF> nicely. When the system is powered up again the screen is restored but
> OF> otherwise it's locked up. You cannot ping the computer or use the
> SysReq keys.
> OF>
> OF> The hardware seems quite new. Suspend works perfectly on an older
> OF> Travelmate 200 series notebook. Hardware in both notebook is the same
> except
> OF> for the graphics card (the 210 uses a Trident Cyberblade builtin, the
> 200 a
> OF> ATI Rage Mobility M) and the Cardbus controller (210 has O2 Micro,
> Inc. OZ6812
> OF> Cardbus Controller the 200 has O2 Micro, Inc. OZ6933 Cardbus
> Controller). The
> OF> rest of the hardware seems to be the same.
> OF>
> OF> I have tried suspend on 2.4.[9-13] kernels and an older 2.2.13 (from
> a
> OF> Slackware 7.0 Live CD). Everytime the system crashes when it leaves
> suspend
> OF> mode. I have also tested with a kernel with only the minimum drivers
> compiled
> OF> into which had the same problem.

Oliver Feiler PGP key ID: 0x561D4FD2
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