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SubjectRe: Code from ~2.4.4 going into Solaris 9 Alpha?
In article <> you wrote:
> Solaris 9/ia32 includes software called lxrun (actually slip-streamed during
> Solaris 8, as Sun is so fond of doing for some brain-dead reason) which
> implements the Linux/ia32 ABI on Solaris/ia32. It's much like the Linux
> compatibility layer all the *BSDs have these days.

Lxrun is rather different than the BSD's linux emulation layer.

Whilst the BSD's intercept linux syscalls at kernel level, lxrun gets
the int80 syscalls dispatched back to userspace.

It was originally developed by Mike Davidson at SCO (now Caldera) and
for OpenServer and UnixWare, it is distributed under a Mozilla-style

Note that lxrun has a lot of problems with more advanced linux binaries
and thus has been replaced by a kernel-level emulation in OpenUnix8, the
successor to UnixWare.

So all in all Sun is reusing old technology here 8)


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