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SubjectRe: crash in smp_core99_kick_cpu
>This is a dual CPU G4.  Startup freezes after
>smp_core99_kick_cpu done
>is displayed. Commenting out the
>line in feature_core99_kick_cpu allows the boot process to
>continue but with only CPU #0 and a "Processor 1 is stuck"
>MacOS 9.2 booted fine and detected both CPUs.
>Compiler gcc 2.96
>Kernel 2.4.13
>Kernels compiled with gcc 3.0.2 just crash and go into
>open firmware.
>cat /proc/cpuinfo displays

Which kernel ? Linus 2.4.13 or one of the PPC bk trees ?

I've been using 2.4.13 from bk _devel on a dual G4 for some
time now, it just worked. I'm away from my dev. machines for
a few days, but I'll look into this problem as soon as I'm

gcc 3.0.2 isn't ready for ppc kernel compiles afaik. I'm
personally still using 2.95.4 from debian "sid".


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