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SubjectRe: Google's mm problem - not reproduced on 2.4.13
> Anyway, I posted a suggested patch that should fix the behaviour, but it
> doesn't fix the fundamental problem with locking the wrong kinds of
> pages (ie you're definitely on your own if you happen to lock down most

> of the low 1GB of an intel machine).

I've tried the patch you sent and it doesn't help. I applied the patch
to 2.4.13-pre7 and it hung the machine in the same way (ctrl-alt-del
didn't work). The last few lines of vmstat before the machine hung look
like this:
0 1 0 0 133444 5132 3367312 0 0 31196 0 1121 2123
0 6 94
0 1 0 0 63036 5216 3435920 0 0 34338 14 1219 2272
0 5 95
2 0 1 0 6156 1828 3494904 0 0 31268 0 1130 2198
0 23 77
1 0 1 0 3596 864 3498488 0 0 2720 16 1640 1068
0 88 12

> It would be interesting to hear whether that is equally true in the new
> VM that doesn't necessarily page stuff out unless it can show that the
> memory pressure is actually from VM mappings.
> How big is your mlock area during real load? Still the "max the kernel
> will allow"? Or is that just a benchmark/test kind of thing?

I haven't had a chance to try my real app yet, but my test application
is a good simulation of what the real program does, minus any of the
accessing of the data that it maps. Since it's the only application
running, and for performance reasons we'd need all of our data in
memory, we map the "max the kernel will allow".

As another note, I've re-written my test application to use madvise
instead of mlock, on a suggestion from Andrea. It also doesn't work. For
2.4.13, after running for a while, my test app hangs, using one CPU, and
kswapd consumes the other CPU. I was eventually able to kill my test app.

I've also re-written my test app to use anonymous mmap, followed by a
mlock and read()'s. This actually does work without problems, but
doesn't really do what we want for other reasons.
- Ben

Ben Smith
Google, Inc.

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